Wanna smash through creative blocks?

Introducing: Muse For A Month!

Calling all my entrepreneurs, writers, creators, makers, designers, movers, shakers, dreamers and visionaries: Here’s something extra special (and super fun) for all of y’all. Jump on it and let’s make some magic together! Limited spots available.
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How many times have you:
-been stuck with your writer’s block or other creative blocks?
-been at a complete loss for ideas?
-wished you had your own personal muse, sounding board or brainstorming buddy at your beck and call?

If you need to get unstuck, I got you.in case of emergency break glass
If you need ideas (and like, now), I got you.
If you need inspiration, I got you.
If you need accountability, I got you.
If you need more fun in your life, I got you.
If you need help to get out of your own way, I got you.

Every day for 30 days, I got you.

For 30 days, let me be your muse, your brainstorming buddy, your accountability partner, your feedback machine, your creative block buster (As in, we’ll bust through your creative blocks whatever they may be – whether they’re in writing, content creation, in your art or ideas for product and packages. Wherever they are, we’ll bust through them).

For 30 days. Unlimited access by email. Ask me as many questions and for as many ideas as you want and I’ll send you feedback and creative ideas, bust through any of
your creative blocks and get you energized (And have tons of fun along the way!)

Get your 30 days for $795. Limited spots available.
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Ready to rock your next 30 days, get epic sh*t done and have some fun? Sign up here now and let’s get this party started!

P.S. Unsure about working with me? Check what one of my creativity challenge takers said about working with me :

“Nikki is an amazing inspiration for getting in touch with the powerful creator that lives within each of us. She will not only get your creative juices flowing, but make it FUN!”

Ok, so don’t be shy. Go on and sign up here now. Right. Now. Don’t waste another second less all the spots fill up!


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