Dance Videos

a bit o’ Burlesque
Some of the performers from a bit o’ Burlesque (trained by me) performing at the Fishnet Follies Breast Cancer Benefit Show, a show headlined by the the legendary Catherine D’Lish.

“L.O.B.’s Dance Party”
I trained (and costumed) radio personality L.O.B. and 10 other ladies in 2 1/2 weeks to perform for “L.O.B.’s Dance Party” at the House of Blues in San Diego. L.O.B. and some of the other ladies had no prior dance or performance experience.

Madame Mirage
A burlesque act that I performed as the comic book character Madame Mirage. This act was a variation of an act that I choreographed inspired by Jessica Rabbit (and the original act is to the song she sang 😉 )