30 Day Creativity Boost – Other Options

So maybe you can’t do the next live session of the 30 Day Creativity Boost, but you reaaaaaally want to

cultivate and
make time for


Well, the good news, dahling, is that there will be other live group sessions of the 30 Day Creativity Boost and this adventure will also be available in other forms soon. Indeed it will! To make this goodness more available and more accessible more often. Yay!

So, here are those options. You can:
-participate in the next live group session
-work with me, 1-on-1, to do the 30 Day Creativity Boost on your schedule with personal attention (and…ahem…accountability) from me
-work on your own, with the 30 Day Creativity Boost self-study version

If you fill out your name, email address and what you’re interested in below, I will email you as soon as your chosen forms are available and you’ll have first dibs. Yeah, you will.

I am so delighted to help you connect with your creativity! Can’t wait!