Playlist: Retro Holiday

Retro holiday playlist - a retro inspired playlist with music for your holiday party or Christmas gathering (and maybe even swanky cocktails)Want a holiday playlist that won’t make you cringe? I give you my Retro Holiday Playlist – a retro inspired playlist with music for your holiday party or Christmas gathering (and maybe even swanky cocktails). It’s about 2.5 hours long – yes, it is! You’ll find some Elvis (my mom loved Elvis so of course Elvis is on there 😉 ), some classics done in swinging big band style, some doo wop harmonies, some vampy, bluesy songs and more – all fun, all the way through. No cringing or eye rolling when you play this at your party, gathering or in the background for opening presents. Just pure delight!

Also, two other things:
-Let’s be clear, lovelies, just like I say about about any playlist I create, it’s not just a list of songs slapped together, willy-nilly. I arranged them specifically in this order to maximize listening pleasure.
-Also for your uninterrupted listening pleasure, at the time of this playlist creation (it’s a YouTube playlist), none of the videos in the playlist should have ads playing at the beginning. (If you find one that does, let me know so I can switch it out. Thank you!)

By the way, if you need a playlist like this – or any other playlist – in your life, I got you. Check out the custom playlist and playlist subscriptions goodies I have for you in my shop here. Whether you need the bestest playlist for your event, party, workout, dance class, yoga class, or fitness class, spa, road trip or social media post, I can help.

And, now, what you’ve been waiting for. Almost two and a half hours of music for holiday merriment… (Psst, since it’s a YouTube playlist you can play directly below or directly on YouTube here).

If you used this playlist for your gathering, I wanna hear all about it! Post in the comments or on Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest, #findyourdelight.

Holiday smooches!


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