Playlist: Luscious (inspired by bellydance, Flamenco, tango and exotic destinations)

Prompted by Valentine’s Day, in celebration of love and all things sensual, here’s a sultry, luscious playlist inspired by bellydance, Flamenco, tango and exotic destinations. (Psst…I ain’t gonna lie, lovelies, this is also for all the lovers out there who want to get their sensual on 😉 ) Happy Valentine’s Day!

A little about this 2 hour long playlist:

Prompted by Valentine’s Day, in celebration of love and all things sensual, here’s a sultry, luscious playlist inspired by belly dance, Flamenco, tango and exotic destinations.There’s a variety of genres on this list, bringing together some of my great loves…love and sweet lovin’ (of course), exotic locales, bellydance, Flamenco and my love for all things Spanish and Latin (music, dance, food, men… 😉 ). Most songs I chose for overall lusciousness and melting into, not for lyrics and meaning. (Side note: some of these songs are on the naughty side so, if that’s not your thing, you may not want to check these out. Tee hee) And let’s be clear, lovelies, just like I say about about any playlist I create, it’s not just a list of songs bunched together. I arranged them specifically in this order to maximize listening pleasure.

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And, now, dahlings, I present, “Luscious”…
(Psst, since it’s a YouTube playlist you can play directly below or directly on YouTube here). Aaand, a plain ol’ text list of the songs is also below.


  • Stiga – Lumin
  • Mizai Mizai – Los Ninos de Sara
  • Me Gustas – Maluma
  • Sunset – Nitin Sawhney
  • Aeromoca – Daniela Mercury
  • Besame Mama – Poncho Sanchez
  • Kamasutra feat. Pitbull – Adassa
  • Addicted to You – Shakira
  • Dunya – Karuan
  • Vuelvo Al Sur – Gotan Project
  • Lay You Down – Prince Royce
  • An-Nil Al-Azraq – Savages y Suefo
  • Amanecer – Bomba Estereo
  • Pomegranate – Transglobal Underground
  • Ungodly Fruit – Wax Tailor
  • Tumkaha Ke to? – Yantra Mantra
  • Empire – Shakira
  • Theme from The Desert Thieves – Savages y Suefo
  • Yearning (feat. Fathi Aljarah) – Raul Ferrando
  • Somo Dos – Bomba Estereo
  • Sikh Wid It  – Rapid Beat Construction
  • That Girl – Maxi Priest
  • Chantaje feat. Maluma – Shakira
  • Partition (Clean Version) – Beyoncé
  • Cuanto Me Acuerdo de Ti – Ricky Martin
  • Ginza – J Balvin
  • Battle – Beats Antique
  • Fantasize (feat. Kelvin Wooten) – Kendra Foster

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