30 Day Creativity Boost: Day 16 – 26 Report Back – August 2016

Here’s my 30 Day Creativity Boost Day 16 – 26 report back…

30 Day Creativity Boost Day 6 - 24 - Doing our own thing and do the thing . If you want to commit to: boosting, increasing, embracing, developing, cultivating and finally making time for your creativity, take the 30 Day Creativity Boost creativity challenge! Find info and sign up here: https://findyourdelight.com/30daycreativityboost. I have continued to do my own thing for this creativity challenge. Seeing where things take me has been wonderful. Even more self-exploration, music exploration, playlist making and photo taking. Tons (tons!) more space de-cluttering and a little photo editing and more blog post writing! Yes, it is so! I posted a creativity booster – a simple way to boost your creativity. Check it out here (and to find out what “do the thing” is about).

Til next time, lovelies, here’s to creativity, adventure and delight!



P.S. If you want to be more creative, check out the 30 Day Creativity Boost, a 30 day creativity challenge dedicated to cultivating, developing, and making time for your creativity. Choose your own adventure with the self-study version, the live group version or the 1-on-1 version.


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