30 Day Creativity Boost: Day 3 Report Back – August 2016

Here’s my 30 Day Creativity Boost Day 3 report back…

30 Day Creativity Boost Day 3 - postcard. If you want to commit to: boosting, increasing, embracing, developing, cultivating and finally making time for your creativity, take the 30 Day Creativity Boost creativity challenge! Find info and sign up here: https://findyourdelight.com/30daycreativityboost.Day 3’s assignment was about postcards. And I have this postcard from Scotland up for grabs. For a chance to receive the postcard from me (with a hand lettered note), comment below or tag me on social media with why you want a postcard from Scotland. I’ll pick a winner by the end of this week.

If you’d like to receive postcards from fun places that I visit in the future – with good, old fashioned handwritten messages on each via good, old fashioned snail mail – join my Postcard Club. Details in my shop.

Til next time, lovelies, here’s to creativity, adventure and delight!



P.S. Want more creativity in your life? You can still join the 30 Day Creativity Boost. Sign up here.


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