30 Day Creativity Boost: Day 2 Report Back – August 2016

Here’s my 30 Day Creativity Boost Day 2 report back…

30 Day Creativity Boost Day 2 - happy things. If you want to commit to: boosting, increasing, embracing, developing, cultivating and finally making time for your creativity, take the 30 Day Creativity Boost creativity challenge! Find info and sign up here: https://findyourdelight.com/30daycreativityboost.Part of Day 2’s assignment was to enjoy one thing from our list of happy things. My chosen happy thing was a Starbucks iced chai – specifically a venti iced chai with light ice, whole milk, 10 pumps of chai (in case you were wondering, it was a 10 pump day). Hardly a surprise. If you know about my Starbucks iced chai obsession, that is. If you don’t know, now you know. Here’s what was left of it in the photo.

What’s one thing that makes you happy? Comment below to share and then go do it or enjoy it asap.

Til next time, dahlings, here’s to creativity, adventure and delight!



P.S. If your creative juices have run dry, get them flowing again with the 30 Day Creativity Boost. Sign up here. Go on, you can do it.


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