12 Business Building Secrets I’ve Learned As A Burlesque Bombshell

Here’s an article that originally appeared on the Hera Hub blog in 2012. But all the secrets still apply and thought you may enjoy it…

Life has beautiful parallels. I have been a dancer and performer almost my entire life and, thanks to my serial entrepreneur parents and me working in the family business, I have lived and breathed entrepreneurialism my entire life too. My dance company, a bit o’ Burlesque, has been around for over five years now and, every day, I see the parallels between business and burlesque. You may be surprised to discover there are many business building secrets in the sparkling world of burlesque – secrets that you can apply to your business to get you standing ovations (and raving fans!). Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, twelve of those secrets:

1. Be believable.

Fans don’t respond (well) to lackluster performances. Knock their socks off, people.

2. Never be out of character.

That just takes away the magic you’re trying to create.

3. Your fans will continue to adore you if you continue to give them reasons to adore you.

Yes, dahling, they will.Nikki Haritatos headshot

4. Get people talking about you.

Word of mouth is truly priceless. Really. Truly.

5. Create opportunities to interact with your fans and engage them.

We do shows, performances, workshops, art modeling and photo shoots. We do meet-and-greet’s after shows and performances. Our guestbook goes everywhere with us. What opportunities can you create?

6. Listen to your fans and ask them for ideas.

They want to be part of your magic. They want to see you succeed. In the early days of a bit o’ Burlesque, we only did shows. But our fans kept asking us to teach and so we started teaching workshops. Instant hit! Our workshops are a very lucrative revenue stream and they expand our audience base in leaps and bounds.

7. Pay attention to detail.

Little flourishes can make a world of difference. A helping hand here could mean a million dollar contract there. Pay attention.

8. Don’t let a bad hair day get you down.

Burlesque performers have bad hair days too and days that we may not feel like performing – shock, I know! – but we know how to get over it and connect with our inner bombshell on demand. Dig deep and find your sparkle or have a go-to exercise to get yourself there.

9. If you fall down or make a booboo, get back up and carry on with the show.

Fix it, smile bigger and keep going. Don’t let it make everything else fall apart.

10. Don’t wait to ask for help.

A few minutes before curtain time is too late and too stressful. Sure, you may think you can and should do everything on your own, but, think about it this way: if you have help, you free up your time, energy and resources to focus on delivering your best performance possible. That, in turn, brings you results and the most success. In business, that’s what really counts at the end of the day.

11. Be comfortable being the center of attention.

Accept compliments, awards and the like graciously. People compliment you because they admire you or your work. Don’t shatter the performance that you work hard to deliver by putting yourself down or brushing it off like it’s nothing.

12. Give yourself permission to own your fabulousness.

You’re an accomplished and experienced performer in your field and you can be proud of that. Don’t be afraid to talk yourself up. Just be pleasant about it, ya hear?

So there it is – twelve bombshell business building secrets from a burlesque bombshell. Try one, try them all, but do get out there and create some magic. “Break a leg”!

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