30 Day Creativity Boost: Day 2 Report Back – May 2016

Here’s my 30 Day Creativity Boost  Day 2 report back…

Creativity Boost Day 2 - Starbucks iced chai. If you want to commit to: boosting, increasing, embracing, developing, cultivating and finally making time for your creativity, take the 30 Day Creativity Boost creativity challenge! Find info and sign up here: https://findyourdelight.com/30daycreativityboost.Part of today’s assignment was to do, experience, seek out, arrange for, enjoy one thing from our list of happy things. My first chosen happy thing was a Starbucks iced chai (and subsequently Starbucks became my office for the afternoon and evening). A Starbucks iced chai as my happy thing – not surprising, right? (If you know about my Starbucks iced chai obsession, that is. If you don’t know, now you know 🙂 Well part of the story anyhow. Hehe). That’s it in the photo.

My iced chai was made by Curtis, a friendly barista who has made many a chai for me before. I’m trying to wean myself off the 10 pumps and go down to 9 pumps, something I explained to him since he knew it was usually 10 so double checked with me. He was very sweet and made sure my chai was made just right with 9 pumps (and whole milk and light ice) and helped me figure out how far up the cup 9 pumps was so I knew for the future (just a skosh under the first black line on a venti cup, in case you were wondering – and ooh, I have a funny story about the word “skosh”, remind me I’ll write about it another time).

So not only did my chai make me happy, but the amazing customer service and care delivered by my barista made me happy too. Plus he says “Milady” and I freakin’ LOVE that. A few weeks ago at Partyfest, an event industry trade show in Dallas, I took photos with two knights from Medieval Times Dallas and they also called me Milady. Loved it then, love it now, will continue to love it in the future! Would love it if more people called me “Milady”.

My exceptional customer service experience got me thinking about how impactful attitude is. A happy attitude ripples out happiness…My barista’s happy attitude contributed to my happy experience – beyond just the actual chai – and inspired me to spread smiles and happiness myself.

So I chose to add another happy thing to today’s assignment.  Well, a combo of two happy things, come to think of it: helping others (#12 on my list) by sharing knowledge (#13 on my list). I’m in a few faaaabulous biz related Facebook groups (I will put it out there that this is one of the only reasons I’m even on Facebook – to be able to be part of groups like these – as Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram are more my thing) so I’m going to have a look see and help, answer questions and give resources and ideas where I can. I’m super excited about it, by the by, cuz I love doing it! Two of my happy things, remember?

Well, off I go and til next time, lovelies, here’s to creativity, adventure and delight!



P.S. If you want to boost your creativity, you can still jump into the 30 Day Creativity Boost. Sign up here. Don’t be shy…


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