30 Day Creativity Boost: Day 1 Report Back – May 2016

The next 30 Day Creativity Boost has started! Here’s my Day 1 report back…

30 Day Creativity Boost Day 1 - Creative space. If you want to commit to: boosting, increasing, embracing, developing, cultivating and finally making time for your creativity, take the 30 Day Creativity Boost creativity challenge! Find info and sign up here: https://findyourdelight.com/30daycreativityboost. 1) I decided to make a corner of my room my designated Creativity Boost space. It has a lovely, comfy chair, a C table and a gorgeous view out a floor to ceiling window. (In the photo is my corner spot and part of the view.) For anything needing more room than this, I will use the bigger desk in my room or I will head over to Michael’s and use their classroom.

Did you know that a Michael’s store (at least the ones I’ve been to in California and Texas) will let you create and craft in their classroom if it’s available (ie. no classes) without paying a rental fee? Amazing, right? (They won’t supply any supplies – you can bring your own stuff or you can buy what you need from them.) That’s something I knew before embarking on my grand adventure so I was excited that I could even have a traveling creative space so to speak – that I could work on messy, creative projects or crafts wherever there was a Michael’s and not be worried about messing up my hotel rooms or not having enough space.

If you need space for creating, try Michael’s. Or if you wanna gather your peeps for some art or craft making, they’ll let you use the classroom too. Also amazing, right? If you don’t have a Michael’s around you or maybe their classroom is occupied with classes when you want it, try renting space from art schools, craft/DIY workshop places or other maker spaces. Many of them rent out their classrooms or event spaces. These kinds of rockin’ places are often set up to be able to host groups and parties too and sometimes for free as if you buy supplies or instruction from them.

On a side note, I also fully expect to be in other places for my challenge work and assignments (and am excited about it!), particularly when I’m writing, but that corner spot will be the “standard” place.

Think outside-of-the-office for work spaces or for writing. If you don’t need to use any of the physical stuff in your office or work space, consider doing your work somewhere else inspiring, somewhere you love or somewhere you haven’t been before. The possibilities are pretty much endless (depending on your power needs to some extent, hehe) but, to inspire you, here are some outside-the-office places I’ve done work or writing:

coffee shops, restaurants, hotel lobbies and lounges, parks, the beach, lakeside, on the water (like on a ferry, boat or pier) museums, galleries, courtyards, gardens, coworking spaces, your balcony or backyard if you have them (when was the last time you went out there, by the by?), scenic viewpoints, monasteries, historic buildings or points of interest… (Just always be sure to respect the rules of the place you hang out, k?)

2) I went through my calendar and wrote in creativity time for every day through May 30. (Feels so good that it’s all accounted for 🙂 )

3) Intentions: There are a few parts to my intentions for the challenge and some borrowed from other challenges since they still apply. I intend to:

*Be creative every day (heck yes, I wrote it down – it’s THE most important part of this challenge)
*Deepen my daily practice/habit of creativity and continue developing even after the challenge ends
*Do some of the online courses and classes that I have bought but either haven’t finished, haven’t taken or haven’t yet put into action the ideas, inspirations or actions from them. For example, some of the CreativeLive classes, like April Bowles-Olin’s Build a Successful Creative Blog class and Tara Gentile’s Build a Stand Out Business class for creative businesses
*Actually do something with my photos – edit some of them, share some of them, sell them, something! Not sure how many yet but I think 30 is a good number to aim for
*Get going with blogging – start writing blog posts
*Create a body of work – I imagine there will probably be some word art/hand lettering, some Petite Post-it Project work (more on that another time) but there will definitely be photos, writing and blog posts
*Dedicate some time each week to curating some fantastic playlists and exploring music
*Increase my attention on social media – sharing creative work and inspirations but also participating and connecting
*Have oodles of fun!

Well, here I am, after Day 1, writing a pretty juicy blog post and surprising myself. I thought that I would just share my report back but, look at that, I added all kinds of other fun stuff as I was writing. And now I’m extra jazzed and inspired to do more. Yay!

Til next time, lovelies, here’s to creativity, adventure and delight!



P.S. If you want to be more creative, you can still jump into the 30 Day Creativity Boost. Sign up here. Go on…


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