30 Day Creativity Boost challenge – starting Sunday May 1

Sign up for the 30 Day Creativity Boost creativity challenge  https://findyourdelight.com/30-day-creativity-boost-sign-up

Here’s your invitation to join the 30 Day Creativity Boost starting on May 1!

Join me for the 30 Day Creativity Boost, a 30 day challenge dedicated toSign up for the 30 Day Creativity Boost creativity challenge https://findyourdelight.com/30-day-creativity-boost-sign-up

cultivating and
making time for

creativity.30 Day Creativity Boost - creativity challenge - other options

Creativity has moved to being high priority on my list – I discovered that it is like my North Star – and, last year, I did this challenge and took others along on the adventure as a way to really connect with that. Plus develop a good habit to boot. It was hands-down life-changing for me. I got to dive into creativity and live and breathe it for a dedicated 30 days. It was amazing for me – yes and without a doubt – but, above and beyond that, it was amazing to facilitate that for other people and to see them grow and be transformed and anchor that for themselves. I decided I simply had to do more of that. I hosted a  30 Day Creativity Boost in February and now it’s time for the next one. Woo hoo!

Perhaps you’ve been wanting to connect with your own creativity as well.

Maybe there is a creative project or projects that you want to tackle or accomplish.

Or maybe you’ve been meaning to make the time for anything creative but you’re just not getting there.

If any of this speaks to you, I invite you to join this party. And, ahem, join it now.

{Ok, if you’re already asking, “Where do I sign up?!”, you can go directly to the sign-up page here and get cracking. If you want to learn more, dahlings, read on. If you’d love to do this thing but May 1 doesn’t work for you, click here for other options.}

How it works…Sign up for the 30 Day Creativity Boost creativity challenge https://findyourdelight.com/30-day-creativity-boost-sign-up

This is what it’ll look like:
…daily email with a prompt, inspiration or creativity practice from me
…place to share what you’re working on and/or your journey – private Facebook group, private Pinterest board, hashtag, those such things
…your own coach and cheerleader – me!

If you’re curious about me, here’s what one of last year’s challenge takers said about working with me:

“Nikki is an amazing inspiration for getting in touch with the powerful creator that lives within each of us. She will not only get your creative juices flowing, but make it FUN!”

To help nudge you – with love, of course – and inspire you on your journey, I’ll be doing the challenge along with you and, each day, I’ll do some kind of report, share, documentation, or log of what I’m working on, ideas, inspirations, creations, challenges and what not.

Choose your own adventure…

All along the way, you will get to choose your own adventure. You can follow the prompts, inspirations and practices or you can work on your own projects. You can spend 5 minutes on it a day or 5 hours on it. You can do anything that is creative to you – paint, write, dance, take photos, sing, craft, cook, sew, whatever tickles your fancy. You don’t need any special talents, skills or experience to do this challenge. And if you think you don’t have any creativity, this challenge will help you find it and unleash it 😉

Choose your own payment option…

As you may relate, sometimes when we sign up or register for free or easier-on-the-pocketbook things like challenges and classes, even with the best of intentions, we don’t always

take action,
follow through,
do the thing


when we pay for coaching, workshops, products and other goodies that will do good for us, we are much more likely to

show up,
see it through,Sign up for the 30 Day Creativity Boost creativity challenge https://findyourdelight.com/30-day-creativity-boost-sign-up
make it happen.

So to champion your success, the challenge will not be free (last year’s round was free) and neither will it be “pay what you want” (like round 2 was). But you will get to choose between one lump sum upfront or a payment plan. More on that later.

Let’s do a recap, shall we? You get:
-daily email “assignments” to put your creativity into action
-daily support, coaching and encouragement from yours truly
-community to share your work, wins and challenges and to bounce ideas off
-and the big kahuna: accountability, baby!

What would it be worth to you to
-immerse yourself in your creativity?
-complete your creative project?
-dedicate time to creating?

Let’s say you want to write a blog post a day during the challenge. What would it be worth to you have those 30 blog posts done?

Or let’s say your goal is to paint, draw, sew or make for 30 mins every day to hone your craft or create a body of work or an inventory of pieces. What would it be worth to have 15 hours of dedicated creating or a whole body of work under your belt?

Pretty priceless in the big picture, right?

On the flip side, you can look at what it would cost you if you didn’t do this. Do you go another year without picking up your paintbrush or your guitar? Does your book stayed buried inside you? Does your voice get lost? Does your blog or business miss out on fresh ideas or content?

What would it cost you to ignore your creativity?

So let’s talk about this pricing thing for a minute. Sometimes discipline is not enough. Sometimes best intentions are not enough. Sometimes you need something like a catalyst, a deadline or…ahem…a bigger investment to

light a fire under you,
draw out what’s been hiding,
bring to fruition what you’ve been longing for, or
keep the promises you make to yourself.Sign up for the 30 Day Creativity Boost creativity challenge https://findyourdelight.com/30-day-creativity-boost-sign-up

A free price tag can be super easy to ignore. Even a pay-what-you-want price tag can be easy to ignore or let go if it’s “not that much”. I’ve seen it happen over and over. The thing is, I want to see you flourish and succeed. I want for you to have 30 days of glorious creativity to yourself.

So when I sat down to figure out the pricing, I knew it had to be something that could not be ignored by challenge takers – by you, lovely! An amount that could not be taken for granted once you were on the journey. An amount that showed without a doubt that you were all in and taking a stand for your creativity. An amount that countered the mountain of good intention, inaction, “false” starts, self-doubts and all of those kinds of things. And most importantly, an amount that did, in fact, champion your success.

So, here’s the scoop: it will be $350 for the whole shebang in 1 payment or you can choose the payment plan of 3 payments of $130. (Pssst, remember this: I, your coach and cheerleader, will be with you every day of the 30 days and every step along your journey, live and in the trenches with you. You get your own coach, every day, for 30 days. For less than $12 a day. All of this goodness for less than $12 a day. Kind of a steal, don’t ya think? 😉 )

To participate…

Ok, so now you’re chomping at the bit to sign up for this fantastic experience for yourself – you sooo deserve it, yeah! To sign up, all you have to do is fill out the nifty form here and submit your payment. Easy as pie!

Sign up here. Go on, get to it .30 Day Creativity Boost - creativity challenge - other options - https://findyourdelight.com/30-day-creativity-boost-options

(Pssst…there are only a limited number of spots available so don’t delay lest your spot gets snatched up by someone else!)

I so look forward to our creative and good times together on this adventure!



P.S. Have more questions? Read on for more answers.

“Seriously, I am not creative at all…like at all…how could I possibly do this?”

I could say 3 things to address that:
-You don’t need any special talents, skills or experience to do this challenge. You also don’t need any fancy supplies or tools. All you need is yourself and a willing attitude.
-I’ve taught hundreds of people how to connect with their inner creative and there’s not a person I’ve met who I can’t teach
-Science says so. Tee hee. Loads and loads of research has shown that creativity can be nurtured and unleashed – yes, it can! Science has spoken 🙂

“Who is this for?”

Anyone who wants to boost (or just find) their creativity. Anyone. Like I said, no special talents, skills or experience needed. Let’s recap: anyone.

“I don’t know about this spending money on creativity thing. Should I really be spending money on myself like that?”

If you’re hesitant about making this investment in you, ask yourself these questions:

What would it be worth to you to feel creative and inspired every day?
What would it be worth to you to embrace your creativity the way you long to?

I know this:
-You’re worth it
-You deserve to realize that creative potential that is in you (and delight yourself and have lots of fun along the way!)
-In 30 days, you will be transformed
-What you learn with me will stay with you for the rest of your life

For reals.Sign up for the 30 Day Creativity Boost creativity challenge https://findyourdelight.com/30-day-creativity-boost-sign-up

“Can I sign up after the challenge has started?”

You sure can. I recommend doing it from the beginning to get the biggest impact but if say you found the challenge after it has started, you can still jump in. Just follow the instructions to register and we’ll get you started. Having said that, there are a limited number of spots available and they will probably all get snatched up. So don’t delay lest your spot gets taken by someone else!

“If I change my mind, can I get a refund?”

In the spirit of commitment, accountability and action, there will be no refunds, dahlings.

So…are you ready to unleash your creativity?
Then click on the signup link here and let’s get to it!

Still have questions?
Email me at findyourdelight(at)gmail.com or call me at (858) 405 9453.

Wanna help spread the word?
Thank you! I want to help as many people as I can unleash their creativity, discover confidence in themselves and live a more inspired life. Find all kinds of goodies to spread the word here.


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