Heart Ice Cream Sandwich Recipe

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Valentine's Day heart ice cream sandwich recipe www.findyourdelight.comHere’s a little something sweet for your Valentine’s Day (or any other day actually) and a great last-minute idea if you haven’t figured out your plans yet! These ice cream sandwiches are super easy and super fun to make and the flavor combos and decoration options are endless. And part of the fun is in the experimenting and making your own magical creations.

Make these with your sweetheart as a delightful Valentine’s Day activity or for your sweetheart to melt his or her heart. This recipe also happens to be kid friendly if you’d like to make them with your little ones.

Ok, here’s the scoop (see what I did there, hehe)…

-12 cookies (you can bake these from scratch or buy them ready made – choose any flavor your heart desires)
-a tub of ice cream (whichever flavor you want)
-red and white sprinkles, heart sprinkles or other decorations of your choice (see below for ideas)

You’ll also need a heart cookie cutter that fits your cookie as well as parchment paper.

1) Take the ice cream out of the fridge so it can soften a bit while you do the next step.
2) Using a heart cookie cutter, carefully cut out heart shapes from your cookies.
3) Lay out parchment paper on your work surface. Place 6 cookies on the parchment paper.
4) For each heart, first place a mini scoop of ice cream onto each round part of the heart and then one mini scoop for the bottom section of the heart. Then squish the ice cream down a bit and together to fill in the heart more completely. Lastly, place another heart cookie on top – make sure it gets nicely stuck down so it doesn’t slide around.
5) Place your sprinkles (or decorations) into side plates or some other shallow containers. Dip your heart ice cream sandwich into the sprinkles and gently roll it around until all the ice cream is covered in sprinkles.
6) Repeat the process for each heart sandwich. Decorate them all the same or mix it up as you wish. As you finish decorating each one, place it in the freezer so the final design can set. (Place some parchment paper in a freezer safe container and put the sandwiches in there, without touching each other. If you need to layer them, sideways or up like a tower, make sure you place parchment paper between them so they don’t stick together)
7) Voila, your heart ice cream sandwiches are ready to be served! You can use both the cookies with heart “holes” – if any survived – and a sprinkle of sprinkles to further decorate your plate when you serve the dessert.

Some flavor combination ideas:
-For extra Valentine’s touches, red velvet cookies or white chocolate chip cookies with strawberry ice cream
-Chocolate chip cookies with caramel ice cream
-Oatmeal raisin cookies with peanut butter or butter pecan ice cream
-For chocolate lovers, chocolate chocolate chip cookies with chocolate ice cream

Decoration ideas:
-nonpareils or sprinkles (red, white, hearts)
-mini marshmallows
-red candies (like Hot Tamales)
-crushed hard candies (like peppermints or toffee)
-chopped nuts
-chocolate chips or chopped up chocolate bars
-brownie pieces
-toasted coconut
-crushed waffle cone or sugar cone pieces
-cake pieces or crumbs
-cookie pieces or crumbs
-sweetheart tarts
-sanding sugar

-Use soft-baked cookies to make it easier to cut and less like likely to break as you handle the sandwiches. Also, they can usually even be molded into the cookie cutter, almost like dough, so you can use up all the cookie leftover bits and pieces to mold more hearts if you want or fill in any parts you may have broken by accident.
-If the ice cream is too soft or running, put it back in the freezer to set. And, as you’re working on assembling the sandwiches, you can place them in the freezer between each step (for example, after scooping the ice cream onto one cookie, put it back in the freezer for it to set again, and after you have placed the second cookie on top, put it back in the freezer to set) This is recommended if you take a while to do each step to avoid a sliding, dripping mess.
-You can make these ahead of time and keep them in the freezer til it’s time for the “big reveal”.

In the photo:
The goodies I used in case you wanna use them:
-Ice cream: Aldene’s Organic Chocolate Chocolate Chip Ice Cream
-Cookies: Udi’s Gluten Free Soft-baked Salted Caramel Cashew Cookies
-Decorations: Wilton’s Valentine Mix Sprinkles

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♥Happy Valentine’s Day, lovelies!♥


P.S. Just a quick note, my recipe was featured on Holidays Helper but I wanted to share it with you here too 😉


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