Calling all dancers

Hi lovelies

If you’re a dancer and want to:

  • boost your on stage confidence
  • mesmerize audiences
  • do better in competitions
  • or just take your dancing to the next level

I’d love to help!

I am now booking sessions for 1-on-1 dance performance training. And the good news is we’re not limited by location – I am available for sessions in person and via Skype, yay!

Read more about it here or, if you want to book a session right away,  fill out the inquiry form here and let’s get cookin’!



P.S. So you have an idea of what it’s like to work with me, here’s what two performers say about their experience with me:

“Nikki’s patient, encouraging and supportive teaching style will transform you as a dancer, performer and person. Her expertise, knowledge and professionalism are among the best. My life and dance has been enriched because of her influence.”
-Cassie Mavis

“There is more to performing than knowing the steps. Nikki will teach you to let your inner fabulousness shine through. Learn to dance so the audience can’t take their eyes off YOU!”



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