April 30, 2015 – Creativity Challenge: Day 1 Report Back

I am so excited about being on this adventure! My Day 1 report back:

1) Cleared out the stuff on my create/make/art counter – yay! I also fully expect to be in other places for my challenge work and assignments (and am excited about it!) but that is the spot in my house that I will use.
2) I went through my entire calendar and wrote in time each day for the Challenge. Feels so good to have it built in!
3) Intentions: I have a few parts to my intentions for the Challenge…

*I intend to be creative every day.
*I intend to develop a daily practice/habit of creativity that will continue after the challenge ends.
*I intend to create a body of work – in word art to start and we’ll see what else develops (perhaps some writing/blog posts?)
*I intend to increase my attention on multiple social media platforms – sharing creative work and inspirations but also participating and connecting.
*I intend to have oodles of fun!

Today I also created a piece of word art that I am donating as a raffle item to Encinitas Coastal Rotary Club Annual Golf Ball Drop benefiting the Navy SEAL Foundation. Find out about the event here.

This is what the piece looks like:

And here’s the scene of my creative work today with my tools and supplies, my initial sketch/inspiration, my “stencil” and the final product plus camera to document it all and, of course, Starbucks iced chai:
30 Day Creativity Challenge: Day 1 - Scene of my creative work. www.findyourdelight.com #creativity #delight #joy

All in all a great start to the challenge. Yippee!
Here’s to creativity!




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