It’s time (to just do it)…

For ages, I’ve been meaning to start blogging. For me, for any of the variety of things I do or am involved with or even guest blogging. But I didn’t quite get there and that changes now, on the eve of a new year. It’s time to just do it. It may be unpolished but I’m putting it out there regardless. Yee haw!

So I christen my blog officially today with my intentions for 2015 because that seems like a fitting way to start. (And I say intentions because I feel intentions are stronger than resolutions 😉 ) My intentions for 2015…

I am committed to:
-finding my delight and finding my rhythm
-grand adventure
-being creative every day
-seizing opportunities and following through (like with blogging, making videos, writing and income generation, baby!)
-health, love, happiness, creativity and abundance
-and, to get all deep and soulful, living my greatest, fullest, most delightful, creative life and being my most joyful, bright, energetic self

To kickstart things/get things going, I’ve decided to begin 2015 with a bang and do a 30 Day Creativity Challenge, 30 days dedicated to

cultivating and
making time for


Over the past year, creativity has moved to being high priority on my list – it has become super apparent that it is like my North Star and so this is a way for me to really connect with that (plus develop a good habit). Perhaps you’ve been wanting to connect with your own creativity as well. Or maybe there is a creative project or projects that you want to tackle or accomplish. If any of that speaks to you, I invite you to join this party if you’d like. (And I figure if I have people along for the journey, I’ll be more accountable to myself, right?) I’m still working out how exactly I’d like to do it and when it’ll start but I’m thinking it’ll look something like this:

For me:
…daily dedication to creativity time – whether it’s actual projects or practices for cultivating creativity
…some kind of report, share, documentation or log of what I’m working on, ideas, inspirations, creations, challenges and what not (um, yeah how about on this blog?! Tee hee)

For party people who want to join me:
…daily email with a prompt, inspiration or creativity practice from me
…place to share what you’re working on and/or your journey – thinking Facebook group, Pinterest board, hashtag, some such thing
…your own cheerleader – me! (Plus the support of other peeps in the challenge too, I’m sure)

To participate:
All you gotta do to participate is sign up by filling in your name and email address and I’ll get the scoop and details to you as soon as they’ve been figured out. And, in case you’re wondering, this Creativity Challenge will be completely free. You have nothing to lose and all that awesome creativity to gain – so go ahead and sign up below, why don’t ya? I look forward to creative and good times together!

So there you have it. My first ever official blog post. Celebration time. Woo hoo!

Hope you have a fabulous New Year’s Eve! And hope to see you in the Creativity Challenge!



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